Are you passionate about helping girls reach their potential, interested in being part of a great team, and have some time and energy to spare?  If so we may have a great opportunity for you to become part of Technovation Ukraine!  We are looking for people all over Ukraine that can help us recruit mentors and students, organize events, find sponsors, and help us grow Technovation.


Would you or your organization like to support a fantastic initiative aimed at helping girls reach their full potential?  Technovation is a great corporate social responsibility initiative that will directly impact girls in your community.  It isn’t just for tech companies though, businesses big and small will benefit from having more diverse workforces, and the girls that participate don’t just learn coding, they also learn marketing, finance, research and valuable leadership skills that will help them be high achievers in whatever field they choose.

If you want to help more girls participate, contact us about becoming one of our partners.  We can find many ways for you to help beyond monetary contributions.  Some examples of ways organizations have supported us include arranging visits by the teams to your company, advertising the program within your company, allowing your staff paid time to serve as mentors, or even gifts of branded materials, such as notebooks and pens.

Do you want to get involved?

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